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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Nothing better than a waterfall to cool off after a hike in Hong Kong's piping hot summer!

Difficulty Rating: 7/10 (Route 1: the path is relatively flat, but can get very slippery if it has been raining); 4/10 (Route 2: only a half an hour hike to the waterfalls but a steep decline to with ropes to get there during the last 10 minutes)

Duration: 4 hours (Route 1); 1 hour (Route 2)

Cell Service: 2/5 Instagrammability: 4/5 (The views are limited, but the waterfall is gorgeous and refreshing - totally worth the trek!)

How to get there:

Route 1

*Refer to the bottom of the post for a much shorter hike

Route 2

Views of Repulse Bay from the route 1

There are multiple bridges going over Tai Tam Reservoir that are so peaceful to walk past!

Hiking Directions:

Route 1

  • After getting off the bus stop, take the stairs next to the petrol pump up to Tai Tam Reservoir Road (image 1).

  • Walk uphill, then turn right and go BEHIND the 5 Celestial Garden sign (image 2).

  • Keep walking straight ahead (image 3) along the rainwater drain, do NOT walk up the stairs on the left.

  • Eventually you will arrive at another flight of stairs (image 4), walk down these stairs and continue along the path.

  • About an hour into the hike, you will arrive at an intersection (image 5), turn right to the downward-sloping path pointing towards Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.

  • Keep walking along this path until you reach another intersection (image 6), turn left and walk down to follow Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir again (image 7).

  • After this point you will need to keep walking along a muddy path for about 15 minutes, and then you will reach a small stream (image 8).

  • Cross the stream and then continue along the path for about an hour. You will then arrive at the reservoir (image 9). Turn left here.

  • Keep walking downhill. You will come across a gazebo and BBQ pits.

  • After this, go over the bridge across the dam, and then start walking uphill. The uphill climb will last only 5-10 minutes. Watch out for a small sign on your right, pointing up a flight of stairs (image 10). Take the stairs up to Tai Tam Road.

  • Around 20 minutes into this path you will hear the waterfall. You will then see a small bridge, and a sign saying "please take your litter home" (image 11). Crouch under this sign to climb down towards the waterfall (image 12). Be careful whilst going down as the path is quite slippery.

  • After climbing for about 10 minutes, you will reach the waterfall (pictured above).

  • To get back, climb back up the same way, to the "please take your litter home"sign. Then, turn right and take the stairs going up.

  • After 15-20 minutes you will arrive at a road (image 13). Turn right and walk down the road for about 2 minutes until you see a bus stop (The road has no pavements so be sure to watch out for cars). Take Bus no. 14 to Sai Wan Ho MTR Station.

Route 2

  • Once you get off the bus right before the bridge, you will see the reservoir in front of you (image 1). Walk backwards, away from the bridge, in the same direction that the bus came from.

  • Within 5-10 minutes, you will see a trailhead on the left side of the road (image 2) which is the starting point.

  • Within 15 minutes, you will cross a small bridge which has the pools to the left of it. Although this is not the main waterfall, we highly recommend going down and swimming in the small pool at the bottom.

  • To get to the main waterfall, go back up from the pools and cross the bridge. Then continue along the trail for another 10 mins until you see an opening on the left of a flight of stairs (image 3).

  • This path is steeply downhill. Please mind your step and make sure you use the ropes (image 2) to help you climb down. Once you've reached the bottom, the waterfall will be on your left. [Pro Tip: If you can, go on the weekdays to avoid the crowds at the main waterfall]

  • To go back, retrace your steps all the way back to the bus stop.

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