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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by GetHigh HK – your brand-new, go-to spot for a bit of adventure and travel inspiration (or so we hope).


We started this blog as two best friends, itching for something new to do. Our friendship has been built on one crazy experience after another, from exploring shady Moroccan hammams, raving in abandoned island shacks, to exploring mountains in Sapa with the H'mong people. So, it’s only natural we turned to Hong Kong’s hidden gems, our beautiful hikes, waterfalls and beaches. 


What originally began as a new year’s resolution to do a hike a week turned into this incredible collection of hiking directions, photos, videos and tips that we thought would be useful for people equally passionate about the outdoors (or have an exercise resolution to live up to). 


We’re super excited to share our years’ worth of sweat, blood and laughs – presented to you in easy-to-follow routes with some serious Instagram-worthy views!



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Trisha has had a love for the outdoors since before she could remember. Lucky to have a huge family based in the city, every Sunday has been a hiking day by tradition. When she isn't exploring the outdoors, she is out looking for the coolest new restaurants and is often drawn to the spiciest item on the menu. Her favourite post-work activities include spinning and dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes with her cousins.

Banker by profession and an adventurer by passion, Jhalak is proud to call to able to call herself a Hong Konger, where urban meets nature in a way that allows for a lifestyle unlike anywhere in the world. Having struggled in the past as a vegetarian in this city, she now finds herself unable to keep up with all the upcoming healthy vegan spots. When not eating, Jhalak can typically be found lying on the beach jamming to Spanish tunes or trying her hand at a new water sport.

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