Upcoming Events

  • Sai Kung Geopark Paddle
    Sat, 14 Aug
    Sai Kung Geopark
    A 6-hour kayaking trip around the stunning blue waters of Sai Kung Geopark, taking you on an adventure to the most beautiful uninhabited islands and untouched beaches in Hong Kong.



GetHigh x RVZR: Hike & Jam

Attendees: 15

This time around, our outdoor art jamming session was led by Robyn Zanine (@_rvzr) who taught us to let go of all of our insecurities and paint a unique portrait of ourselves or others using acrylic paints. Although the hike began with an interesting turn of events where monkeys attempted to hijack our paints, we managed to recover most of them, and ended up having a peaceful painting session surrounded by the reservoir and paperbark trees.

Trust: Acroyoga 101

Attendees: 8

For our second Acroyoga event with our favorite teacher, Karen You, we hiked up to a secret hill-top spot behind The Peak. Once again, with Karen's guidance, we were able to do poses with our partners that we didn't think were possible! Regardless of whether we could do certain poses or not, everyone most definitely had a great time attempting something out of their comfort zone!

Hike & Jam

Attendees: 18

Photography: Zachs Shots

After an exciting hike accompanied by some monkeys along the way, we were soon surrounded by paper-bark trees and the gorgeous Pineapple dam. We quickly found comfortable spots to sit down, take in the fresh air and discover our inner artists! We then spent the day creating watercolour masterpieces in our art-jamming session led by Art Circle Atelier. 

GetHigh x Retribe: Climb 2.0

Attendees: 34