Upcoming Events

  • Fri, 30 Apr
    Brick Hill
    Start your day on a meditative high - a quick 25 minute climb with the sun rising around you. Once you reach the top, join a meditation and breath work session led by Retribe with 360 degree ocean views.
  • Sun, 16 May
    Pineapple Dam
    GetHigh HK is working with Art Circle to host an art jamming session in the middle of a paper-bark tree forest and the gorgeous Pineapple dam. Come enjoy the breezy hike, observe some monkeys, and meet new people, all while creating a masterpiece for you to take home!



GetHigh x Retribe: AcroYoga

Attendees: 16

Surrounded by the paper-bark trees, monkeys and butterflies of Shing Mun Reservoir, we broke boundaries and built immense trust through the AcroYoga lesson led by Karen You. This challenging session got us to push our bodies, challenge ourselves and have a ton of silly moments to laugh about after!

GetHigh x Paletta: Flow

Attendees: 12

Nothing like a yoga flow lesson on top of a mountain, breathing fresh air and embracing sunshine on a Sunday morning. This yoga session after a short hike left us relaxed for the day and energized for the week ahead. The session was held at the top of Brick Hill which offers panoramic coastal views of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay.

GetHigh x Retribe: Climb

Attendees: 30

Photography: Josh Lauder

To beat the Monday blues, we climbed up the tallest peak in Kowloon on a clear day. At the top, we participated in a refreshing meditation and movement session led by Retribe, as well as tried our hand at casual AcroYoga. The hike was also perfectly timed to ensure that we would witness a breathtaking sunset from Suicide cliff. ​

GetHigh x Retribe: Energize

Attendees: 40

Photography: Josh Lauder

Spent our Friday morning energizing for the rest of the weekend - a quick 10-minute climb to a beautiful spot facing the sunrise where we joined a meditation session led by Retribe. We then climbed further up to the peak with views of the Harbour on both sides.

GetHigh x Retribe: Breathe

Attendees: 35