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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A super quick hike, with stunning ocean views and rock formations! Ideal for a hot summer day.

Difficulty Rating: 5/10 (Getting to the battery involves climbing over a railing and going down a relatively slippery path, but it is very short.)

Duration: 1 hour (You can actually spend much more time at the battery, there's so much to explore!)

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (Stunning blue/green waters everywhere you look!)

How to Get There:

Option 1:

There are only 3-5 minibuses a day, and you can view the schedule for the 18M minibus here. Alternatively, take a cab from Chai Wan to Cape Collinson Road.

Option 2:

If you are in the mood for a slightly longer hike (around 1 hour each way), you can take this route.

You can find the directions to the start of the trail here. Then, when you get to the large intersection, simply follow the signs towards "Cape Collinson Correctional Institution".

Option 3:

The third option is to drive there by mapping to "Cape Collinson Road". Towards the end of the road, before the Correctional Institution, there is a small carpark that has around 4 parking spots. It's usually quite empty, especially in the mornings.

Once you get to the coastline, this is what you'll see if you climb down the rocks on your left. Keep reading to learn how to get here!

Hiking Directions:

  • If you took Option 1, walk uphill for a few minutes from the Correctional Institution. If you've decided to take Option 2 or 3, walk downhill until you get to this spot. You will see a small bar placed on the handrail to help you climb over (image 1).

  • Climb over the railing and walk down the trail. It's a little steep here, but this only lasts for a couple of minutes. You will eventually get to a path that is paved (image 2).

  • Continue along this path for about 5 minutes, and you'll be able to see some stunning ocean views (image 3). The battery is not far from here.

  • After just a short flight of steps down, you'll arrive at the battery.

In between the rock formations on the left of the steps, there are severals pools that we took a quick dip into. The rocks at the bottom, however, are really slippery due to moss so make sure you are really careful if you decide to get in.

If you turn right from the steps and continue walking to the edge, you will see remains of the battery. This is a great spot to sit inside and watch the vast ocean in peace.

From here, keep walking ahead for unobstructed views of the cliffs and the ocean. There is a pebble beach hidden away behind the cliff which is a common spot for canyoning (pictured below). It is quite dangerous to get there so we climbed up the rocks to get a good view of it instead.

This is the pebble beach surrounded by rocks and you are likely to spot climbers there!

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