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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

If you're looking for a challenge, this hike will ensure you are satisfied. This is a gorgeous stream hike, perfect for the summer as you can dip along the way. Make sure you plan this as half, if not a full day trip away from the city (yet very accessible).

Difficulty Rating: 8/10 (This stream hike involves going from one rock to another on all fours, sometimes requiring strategic decisions and a lot of trial and error which keeps it really interesting!)

Duration: 4 hours round-trip (With shortstops in 3 of the pools but you can easily spend much longer exploring and swimming)

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (At some of the waterfalls, you'll feel like you're in Bali for sure!)

How to Get There:

As we started and finished at the same point, we drove to the public parking lot next to MTR exit B which is also a great option if you have a car (or even if you want to cab here). Here is the Google Maps link to the parking lot.

Hiking Directions:

  • Once you get out of exit B, walk to the end of the tunnel (image 1) and take the exit that says 'Tai Shui Hang Village' (image 2).

  • As soon as you get out, you will see a pagoda (image 3) in front of you. Facing the pagoda, take a U-turn to your right and follow that path.

  • Keep walking past all the cute homes on your left (image 4).

  • After 5 minutes of walking, you will come across the walkway with green rails (image 5). Walk along that.

  • In another minute, you will see a light yellow house to your right (image 6), walk past that to see some sort of a campsite. From there, head up the stairs on the left and you reach the start of the trail shortly.

  • From here on, just get as close as you can to the stream and keep walking along the stream. Take a break and stop for a swim in whichever pool you prefer.

This is the first pool we took a dip in (after 10-15 mins of climbing). There were some clothes hanging on the side of the pool both times we went so if you see that, that may be the one!

  • After this first dip, we climbed for at least an hour to get to the next waterfall so make sure you spend plenty of time cooling off before you go on.

  • Keep following the stream and deciding your own path - whichever is the easiest for you to get from one rock to another.

Views in front and behind you as you walk along the stream!

Here's a sneak peek of what you should be expecting - hopping from one boulder to another, figuring out how to not get your feet wet, and sometimes clutching on to tree branches for your dear life.

  • Keep walking until you come across the dam pictured above and climb over it. From here, the next waterfall should be around 30 minutes away.

This beaded curtain resembling waterfall was definitely our favourite as you can stand behind the falls and occasionally let it pour all over you. There is also a hidden waterfall on the side that you can only see once you're behind the beaded falls. We climbed (with a lot of struggle) to one of the rocks inside and sat by the sound of the waterfall for ages.

  • After this waterfall, follow the path that goes upwards, follow that path for another 10-20 minutes to get to the final waterfall pictured on the left below.

Hero Falls is the last and largest pool on this hike with a waterfall to the side.

  • After this, we took the same path back down to the MTR station. Make sure you watch your step as you climb down the rocks!

Leave a comment below to let us know about your experience or any tips/suggestions you have on alternative routes!

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