This route that starts from Tung Chung is a road biking route, so only attempt if you're comfortable. It is however a popular cycling route so as long as you keep to the left, cars and buses will overtake you from the right and you'll be safe! The charm of this route is some of its really scenic sections and quiet roads.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10 (if you cycle both ways)

Duration: 1.5 hours each way (could be quicker depending on speed and number of stops)

Distance: 12km each way

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5

Where to Rent Bikes:

You can either rent bikes from Sunny Bike Shop (Google Maps) in Ma Wan Chung Village near Yat Tung Estate, or from a truck near Fu Tung Estate (pictured below). Although both stores are accessible by MTR, the truck is a shorter walk from Tung Chung Station. If you're driving, there is a public parking lot at both estates as well.

Biking Directions:

  • Regardless of where you get your bikes from, get onto Cheung Tung Road, which is the road that leads all the way to Sunny Bay.

  • If you rent bikes from Sunny bike shop, you will be near the public pier. To get to Cheung Tung Road, you will have to cross a bridge (image 1) and a couple of roads. If you rent bikes from Kam Way, you will be on Cheung Tung Road as soon as you get out of the parking lot (image 2).

  • We first started off cycling on the pavement on the right (image 3), but soon after moved to biking on the road (image 4) which is a much smoother ride. Ensure to the stay in a single file to the left so that any vehicles from behind can easily take over.

  • At the intersection pictured below (image 5), take the road that goes under the bridge and continue on. This is where the most scenic section of the route begins. More pictures on that below!

  • There are also a several road shoulders along the way which can serve as rest stops (image 6).

  • You'll be riding along the view pictured below to your right for at least 20-25 minutes.

  • You will also pass through a mini tunnel and soon after, there will be a couple of uphill slopes around the area pictured below (image 7).

  • Once the the slopes are over, you'll be at a junction which indicates Sunny Bay to the left and Disneyland Resort to the right (image 8).

  • If you take the left towards Sunny Bay, there will be a beautiful slope downwards that is lined by palm trees (image 9). This road will lead all the way to a waterfront promenade where many do picnics (image 10) and car camping (pictured below).

  • This waterfront promenade is the perfect spot to see the sunset. There are also toilets by the Sunny Bay MTR Station. At this point, you can either cycle back to the bike shop in Tung Chung, take the train back (only if your bikes are foldable), or call a GoGoVan to transport the bikes and yourself back to Tung Chung.

  • If you take a right at the junction towards 'Disneyland Resort', you can bike all the way to Inspiration Lake, which is also the perfect spot to have a picnic.

Views below from our ride back to Tung Chung!

We hope you enjoy this trail as much as we did, leave a comment below telling us about your experience or any feedback!

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