Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Difficulty: 5/10

Duration: 3.5 hours

The hike took us slightly longer to complete because there were several beaches along the way, which made it very tempting to stop and chill for a while.

Cell Service: 1/5

Instagrammability: 4/5

The view is quite stunning throughout the trail, and there are many photo opportunities!

How to Get There:

There are several small beaches along the way like this, they make for very tempting stops!

Hiking Directions:

  • After getting of the minibus, walk backwards until you see the trail head (image 1)

  • After continuing on the trail for a while, you will come out to a small neighbourhood. Go down the stairs and continue walking uphill (image 2 & 3).

  • The trail is mostly flat, with some upward sections towards the end. There are also 3-4 beaches along the way.

  • Follow the directions towards Hoi Ha, and you will eventually reach a small village (image 4). You can ask the store owners where the minibus stop is to go back to Sai Kung.

  • We had to wait almost an hour for our minibus as there were many people in line before us, and the minibus has a frequency of 30 minutes.

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