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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

While this isn't one of the popular trails of Hong Kong, and it isn't very well developed, the views were absolutely breathtaking and this was definitely one of our favourite hikes yet!

Difficulty: 7/10

The main trail itself is less than 20 minutes uphill, which isn't too taxing. However, once you're on the mountain looking for the rhino, the slopes are slippery and you may have to slide down or and be on all fours on the way back up.

Duration: 2.5 hours

The hike is not very long either, but the trail is confusing and it took us a long time to find the Rhino. We also took a small detour because we went off trail, however the views (pictured above) were totally worth it!

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5

How to get there:

No imagination needed for this rock. Once you see the Rhino, there's no going back! (Although we climbed it, it is extremely dangerous and we do not recommend doing so)

Make sure to wear full-length clothing to prevent getting hurt from branches as most of the paths are narrow and surrounded by trees.

Hiking Directions:

  • The trail starts of on the left of the military gate, you will see steps going up (image 1).

  • Shortly after, you will reach white building-like structure (image 2).

  • In order to get to the Rhino Rock, take the path on the right (image 2).

  • On the path towards the Rhino Rock, you will come across a steep, slippery slope in the beginning. Go down the slope, and then turn right.

  • Keep following the trail, and try to keep an eye out for the Rhino! Keep in mind that the Rhino Rock is quite far down, further away than you think.

  • At a certain point you will reach a crossroads, turn right to go upwards (image 3).

  • After this point, follow the trail marked by coloured ribbons, which will lead the way to the Rhino (image 4).

  • After taking photos and climbing the rhino, we turned around to go back to the white structure (image 2). We then went into the other path, and saw some stunning views! The views are pictured above in the panoramas.

  • To end the hike, we simply retraced our steps back to the bus stop, which was the starting point of the hike. Almost all buses from here go towards Central/Admiralty.

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Hannah Chun
Hannah Chun
Oct 26, 2019

Re how to get there, you can take bus 14 at the bus stop right in front of Exit A! Thanks for the awesome info


A rugged trail, without any directions to follow till the rock if not for the blogs. It had some breathtaking views which capture the beauty within Hong Kong.

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