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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Difficulty Rating: 5/10 (lots of stairs while going up, then uneven rocks on the way down)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 3/5 (Really good weather is needed as the view from the top can be rather foggy otherwise. Even though it was relatively sunny on the day we went, the view was still quite unclear)

How To Get There:

Hiking Directions:

  • The taxi will drop you off next to a barbecue site. You will be able to see a large map (image 1).

  • Opposite the large map, you will see a small sign that points to Ma On Shan Country Trail (image 2). Follow this sign.

  • Follow the directions towards Ngong Ping (image 3). The first half hour of this trail is a little boring as it is on a road, and you will have to steer clear of cars at times.

  • Eventually you will get to a rest area. From here, follow the signs towards Tai Shui Tseng (image 4). A few minutes after this, you will get to the viewpoint, featured above. If you're lucky enough to have clear weather (unlike us), you'll be able to have a stunning view of Sai Kung!

  • The downward climb is a little more difficult, with many rocks that sometimes make the descent a little tricky. Once the trail is over, you will reach a residential area. Follow the signs (on the floor) to Sai Kung.

  • You will eventually reach a bus stop (image 5) at the junction of Tam Cheung Road and Po Lo Che Road. Take the minibus back to Sai Kung Pier.

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