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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This is probably one of the most rewarding hikes Hong Kong has to offer. It is a challenge and substitute for a (chill) leg-day at the gym that gifts you with breath-taking views of the city. There are several different ways to get to Kowloon Peak, and we tried two different routes. The first one is relatively easy, albeit long. The second one is steep and challenging, but short.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10 (Route 1: the path is mostly paved with steps); 8/10 (Route 2: sections require you to climb on all fours)

Neither routes provide any flat ground for a break. Be prepared for a constantly steep incline.

Duration: 1.5 hours (Route 1); 1 hour (Route 2) - one way

Cell Service: 3/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (It is absolutely gorgeous with various stops for photos no matter which route you take)

How to get there:

Here is the link to the bus stop on Google Maps

Hiking Directions:

Route 1:

  • Once you get off the bus, walk Fei Ngo Shan Road up all the way and keep to your left (image 1) to get to the start of the trail. It is about a 20-25 minute walk.

  • Passing the Ma On Shan Country Park will indicate that you aren't too far away from the start of the trail (image 2).

  • You will see a trail on the left with a 'danger' sign (image 3). Go up the path on the right (image 4).

  • From then onwards, it is a simple path all the way up to the Kowloon Peak Television and Radio towers. Take the stairs going up on the right after the helipad which will later go downhill. This is the path to Suicide Cliff.

We thought Suicide Cliff was the area where the crowds were gathered on the first picture from the right and proceeded to climb the rock. (You guessed it: wrong rock)

It did, however, make for some very sick photos. Keep in mind that it is quite dangerous and we don't recommend climbing down the way we did.

Suicide Cliff is a bit further down, and you'll easily spot it protruding. It is not dangerous but watch your step.

Route 2:

  • After getting off the bus, head over to Fei Ngo Shan road. In less than a minute, you will see a small road to your left.

  • Walk in and you will soon see a residential gate. Just before the gate, there is a small opening between the bushes on your right. That's the start of the trail.

  • There is only one path up, start climbing those rocks till you reach the top of the mountain.

  • In this route, you will pass Suicide Cliff first and can continue up to the television and radio towers higher up at Kowloon Peak.

Directions Back:

We reached up in time to catch the sunset but had to hike down in the dark. We chose to go down Route 1 for safety. We would highly recommend bringing torches with you as there is almost no light and it can get very foggy.

Only attempt Route 2 if you are a confident hiker. Bring headlamps and be very careful. The rocks and not easy to climb down, even with the help of ropes friendly hikers have placed along the way.

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