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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Spend a day in the waters here and you will forget you needed a vacay. Whether you are on a kayak or a stand-up paddle board, hopping from beaches on one peninsula to another while snorkelling through the coral reefs is such an adventure!

Duration: at least 4 hours (note that this does not include the time getting to and back from the beach - consider this to be a full day outing)

Cell Service: 0/5 (heads up - you can basically see the Mainland on the other side and that the cell service stops while you're still on the minibus getting to the village)

Instagrammability: 5/5

Some of the clearest waters seen in Hong Kong!

How to Get There:


  • Once you get off the minibus at Hoi Ha Village, you will see a path in front or on your left with signs to the beach or to 'kayaking'

  • Within just 5 minutes of walking, you will start seeing many signs for kayak hires

  • We went all the way down to the beach and it turned out that all the kayaks were booked out (at 9:30am!). In order to book kayaks in advance to be safe, you may call or WhatsApp these numbers:

  1. 23282169 / 55088183

  2. 23282181 / 55039087

  3. 23282444 / 94430926 / 94600910 - Hoi Ha Wan Café - As the kayaks were booked out, we went back up and found a store at the very end with a very friendly woman. More details on her store at the bottom of this post.

Hoi Ha Wan Café - Sharon Yung (12 Hoi Ha Villlage)

From this store, we got kayaks for $120 per person regardless of whether it was a 1-seater or 2-seater. We also picked up some snorkelling gear, gloves, wet bags and cold drinks, and she showed us a map of where to kayak to find coral communities. [Pro-tip: bring water-shoes or thick socks to avoid cuts from the rocks while snorkelling]

Once we got back, we took a shower at the back of her store and changed in the few tents that were set up. She even let us use her wifi.

In addition, she told us that if we called her in advance next time, she would let us park our car in one of her 5 parking spots so that we could drive all the way there which would be really convenient!

To get back to Sai Kung Town, we took a cab instead of the minibus as we were really tired, and it cost us about $120.

It was a very satisfying and successful day for us - let us know in the comments below how your day went if you end up going!

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