Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Difficulty rating: 2/10 (The path is completely paved, with only a few flights of stairs in the beginning)

Duration: 1 hour (The island itself is small, but gorgeous, so you can spend a lot more time chilling on the grass or the pebble beach, and it is really popular for camping too!)

Cell Service: 2/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (Great views of crystal blue waters, however we went on a slightly cloudy day, so the mountains on the other side of Sai Kung were hidden from our view)

How to Get There:



The ferries to and from Tap Mun are about once every two hours, and the ferry schedule can be viewed here.

Hiking Directions:

  • Get on the ferry to Tap Mun from the left side of Wong Shek Pier (image 1)

  • After getting off the ferry at Tap Mun**, follow the sings to Yung Shu Village (image 2).

  • Walk up the stairs (image 3), and you will pass by a basket ball court and eventually reach an open promenade. Walk through the promenade and take the exit behind the small hut (image 4).

  • Then, follow the directions towards Balanced Rock (image 5).

  • After passing the Balanced Rock (image 6), you can either complete the trail by following the directions towards Tin Hau Temple, or take a small detour and go to Pebbles Beach (image 7). We highly recommend stopping by this beach as the water is crystal clear!

  • After returning from pebbles beach, follow directions towards Tin Hau Temple (image 8) to complete the trail. Then, follow the directions back to the pier to leave the island.

**Be sure to check the ferry schedule at the pier to see what time you can leave the island

Also, check out this gorgeous place captured through Jack Lo's lens!

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