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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

You can easily spend an entire day on Cheung Chau Island, from eating street food at the many street vendors, to visiting the temples, or relaxing on the gorgeous beaches. Through this post, we will show you how to hike to Tung Wan beach, get to the highest point of Cheung Chau and finish the loop back at the pier.

Difficulty Rating: 3/10 (The path itself is mostly flat with a few stretches of stairs that are well spread out. It did however feel a lot more difficult under the burning sun in the middle of June as there is little shade)

Duration: 2.5 hours (This only includes 30 minutes at the beach as we were tight on time but we definitely recommend spending more time there)

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (absolutely stunning everywhere you look!)

How to Get There:

Take the ferry to Cheung Chau from Central Pier No. 5. You can view the ferry schedule here.

Directions: As you walk along this route, we recommend that you also use Google Maps to find the route towards 'Tung Wan Tsai Beach' (Link to entire route).

  • Turn left once you get off the pier and walk along the coast, along Pai Chong Road (image 1)

  • When there is a fork, take the path on the right along Cheung Kwai Road

  • As you walk along the coast, you will see small beaches on the way. After about 10 minutes on this road, you will see a flight of stairs on your right. Go up these stairs. (image 2)

  • After going up the stairs, you will pass by some small residences (image 3)

  • Follow the signs towards North Lookout Pavilion and Tung Wan Tsai (image 4)

  • Once you come out on the main road and see this area (image 5), turn left and walk downhill.

  • Very soon, you will see a trail with a sign for North Lookout Pavilion on your right

  • Follow that trail until it splits (image 7), then follow 'Tung Wan Tsai'

  • In a few minutes, you will begin to see ocean views, and spot the beach!

This beach is super isolated, and you may be lucky enough to have the beach to yourselves like we did!

  • Once you decide to leave the beach, take the path on the far right, opposite of where you entered from. Keep climbing up this path to get to North Lookout Pavilion.

  • There's a relatively long flight of stairs to get up to the Pavilion, but it's worth it as the views of the turquoise waters are gorgeous! It is the highest point in Cheung Chau, with an elevation of 312 ft.

Views from the North Lookout Pavilion!

  • Keep walking along the path from North Pavilion, and you will end up at the same spot as image 5 in the directions above. From there, you can retrace your steps back and head to the ferry pier.

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