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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you're looking for a last minute hike, this is a perfect one - very accessible from the city, relatively easy, quick but still quite scenic. We started from Aberdeen to end close to work, but you can do it the other way around too!

Difficulty Rating: 2/10

Duration: 1 hour

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 2/5 (the reservoir pictured above is quite scenic, but there aren't many city or mountainous views on this hike like many others on the island)

How to Get There:


Well, we got confused and got off the minibus a bit too early, so we hiked up the slope on Aberdeen Reservoir Road (image 1).

  • Unless you'd like to warm-up like us, we recommend you get off at "Yue Kwong Road" (image 2), where "Hoy Au Lau Yue Kwong Chuen", the colourful building is across the road from (image 3).

  • Keep going up until you reach the beginning of the hike (image 4). Make sure to take the path on the right, towards Aberdeen Lower Reservoir (image 5).

  • Continue on the path following the Aberdeen Reservoir, until you start seeing signs to the Wan Chai Green Trail. Get on this path and it will eventually merge into the Bowen Road Fitness Trail.

  • You will end up on Wan Chai Gap Road, from where the MTR is a 10 min-walk through Hopewell Centre. As mentioned earlier, you can also do this hike the other way around, and the first part of that path can be found here.

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