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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This hike is a fantastic, quick getaway from the city, with some really cool fortification ruins to explore.

Difficulty Rating: 3/10 (The path is well-paved throughout)

Duration: 1 hour (The hike is super short, but you can spend more time at the Peak itself, it's a great picnic spot!)

Cell Service: 5/5

Instagrammability: 5/5 (Stunning views on all sides!)

How to Get There:

Hiking Directions:

  • Once you get out of Exit A in Yau Tong, take the escalator up to G/F of Domain Mall (image 1).

  • Walk across to the other side of the mall, towards Tai Hing restaurant (image 2). Exit the mall from the rear exit, to 'Ko Chiu Road'.

  • Walk uphill along Ko Chiu Road, towards Lei Yue Mun Estate housing (image 3).

  • When you see a sign marked 'Chinese Permanent Cemetery' (image 4), turn right to walk towards it.

  • Continue walking uphill for about 650 metres, until you see a sign marked 'Wilson Trail' (image 5).

  • The stairs to begin the trail will be seen on your left (image 6). Cross the street and take those stairs up.

  • Continue along the trail, until you see a sign for 'Devil's Peak Fortification' (image 7). Take a small detour to check out the remains of this battery from WWII.

  • Head back the same way to the main trail and continue to Devil's Peak (image 8).

  • Once you arrive at the peak, make sure you walk around to take in the view from all sides!

  • To head back, simply take the same path back down, and head back to Yau Tong MTR station.

Devil's Peak Fortification is a really cool spot to check out and take a little break from climbing!

The path towards Devil's peak, as well as the peak itself, have 360º views. It is absolutely gorgeous on a nice day, and perfect for a picnic.

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